The Challenge of VanCleef

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Thragmol, Julián, Derkal, and Occido had travesered at their own parrel the Deadmines of Westfall.

Having been dispatched by the Warchief himself to exile the caniving Defias Brotherhood whom had occupied and enslaved local Horde territory in the Hillsbrad Foothills, Thragmol and his party were on one mission and one mission alone to send a message to the Defias. “Your crimes will not go unnoticed or unpunished.” Located deep inside the land of the Alliance they had braved the Jungles of Straglethron Vale and the perils of Duskwood, just to reach the mines themselves.

Once inside the Deadmines they soon realized that it might be more than a simple mineral supply for nearby Defias. Goblin sheddars and wave after wave of Defias Wizards and Patrol Guards were met by the small group. With each encounter they grew more and more weary of what they might find at the end of their Journey. Finally they reached the end of the mine where they met…. A Giant Metal Door?

“Thragmol is greatly underwhelmed…” The shaman sighed.

“So what do we do now boss?” asked Derkal.

“Hmmm” Thragmol smashed the giant brass doors with his Viper’s Sting mace. “Well that’s no good.”

Julián rolled his eyes at the two perplexed orc’s. “Don’t worry I got it. Just one second. There we go.” The door clicked open. “I have yet to meet a lock these beautiful hands could not pick yet.”

“So vein.” Thragmol said as he pushed the door open. As he did so he dropped his jaw along with the rest of the crew. They were truely not prepared. Before them stood a giant, fully armed pirate ship. Knowing that Edwin VanCleef would soon know that they had discovered the Defias’s secret. They tore into their enemies pushing quickly through VanCleef’s minions until they reached the Captains deck.

A menacing laugh came from the shadows “So these are the bravest heroes the horde could muster against me?”

“We know you’re there VanCleef show your face and perhaps I will show you the mercy of the light.” barked Occido.

The pirate king stepped forward. “Well it seems you have bested my officers and crew. Under normal circumstances I would simply take out my sword and cut your throats open, but clearly I am out matched by the three of you. However let me make you a wager if you win I will let you have my treasure.”

“I never lose a wager! You’re on.”, said Julián.

“Fine, the method is dance. Let us begin.” VanCleef burst into dance unleashing a fury of disco moves the world had never seen. The party stood mesmerized by his girating pelvis and thrusting hips.

“That’s good.” said Thragmol, “But, Thagmol think we can do better.” The adventures burst into a well choreographed dance line the likes of which even the dance star troll Wil’in Smizs would have been proud of.


“Well played Heroes, well played, but can you dance and fight me and my 4 bodyguards at the same time!”

What ensued next history scholars have spent the past 10 years trying to describe accurately, but with almost no success. The best any of them ever came up with was: ‘It was like watching dance warriors, fight disco pirates.’

Once the dust settled however the Pirate King VanCleef lay motionless they had failed to get any “secret treasure” or information about the other Defias strong holds out of the mischevious Captain.

“Hrmph” The shaman general said. “Not even a decent piece of armor on the lot of them. Sides being rid of one less deviant. Thragmol isn’t sure if Warchief will be pleased.”

Julián smiled his face covered in the blood of battle. “Well it was not a complete loss.” In his hands he bore 4 bottles of the Defias Brewmasters ale.

“Indeed.” smiled Thragmol.



The story thus far…..

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Born during the fisrt battle of Alterac Valley, Thragmol witnessed the atrocities of war first hand. Hidden away in a nearby cave so as not to be found by the humans Thragmol was raised by his grandfather Bagmol, and trained in the ways of the elements. When he was old enough he was sent to serve in Thrall’s army, where he soon became one of the Warchief’s agents.

Trained finally as a Shaman, Thragmol was bread to become a leader of the new Warsong clan. A general schooled in both Military movements and an Embasador to foreign lands he is an example for all of his people.

Genereally he is tasked with putting down insurgents and revolts in Horde controlled areas, or places of interest to the Warchief. Though extremely intelligent interms of tactics and politics, Thragmol’s language can sometimes leave something to be desired.  He oftens refers to himself in third person and can be brought to anger fairly easily.

Ever honorable, Thragmol will protect his guild and his faction with his dying breath. Though he might sometimes make a fool of himself in the proscess Thragmol is true Hero of the Horde.